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The Elematic ELiSLAB 2.0 is a smart, stand-alone software tool for reinforcement calculation in hollow core and solid slab design.

The ELiSLAB is suited for precast plants and design offices alike.


ELiSLAB 2.0 Computer requirements
Processor > 2 GHz
RAM > 1 GB
Hard disk space, required min 200 MB
Keyboard, mouse or touch screen
Monitor resolution 1280 x 1024 or better
Operating system Microsoft Windows 7 or newer

The Elematic ELiSLAB 2.0 offers everything required for efficient reinforcement calculation: load, stress and strand calculations, handling of the topping process with calculation of cracking and bending moments, shear force and deflection. Loading can be modeled as an area load, a linear load, a trapezoidal load or a point load.



The ELiSLAB provides two kinds of reports: Quick reports and Long reports.  The quick report shows immediately – with a traffic light rating system – if the calculation is approved with the specified loads and given openings and reservations. When the traffic light in the quick report shows yellow, the user can add strands or let the program optimize strand combination, add core fill, or increase initial prestress MPa of strands, as an example. The long report shows, with the help of tables and graphical charts, the various effects of loads and openings along hollow core slab in different positions.


Adding openings and reservations in different shapes is also simple. Once an opening is placed in the correct position, the program takes into consideration the cut of the strands and automatically calculates the optimal combination of strands according to given loads and the factory-specific design and production rules, as well as Eurocode and National Annex. Overusing strands can thus be avoided and considerable savings in material costs reached.


For precast producers, ELiSLAB also works as a practical tool for use during the quotation process for cost calculation. The analysis tool quickly displays the required amounts of strands per slab, which simplifies the cost calculation process significantly.


Navigating and interacting with ELiSLAB is easy thanks to a smart, streamlined visual user interface that progresses logically. The software also offers an extensive reporting function that stores calculation inputs and results in detail. This means that all calculation reports are just a few clicks away when needed for the regulatory authorities, or for any other purpose.


The Elematic ELiSLAB 2.0 is a very reliable calculation tool. It has gone through a thorough examination and has been approved for use by The Finnish Concrete Association, according to the national statement on requirements for safety and trustworthiness of design and calculations of hollow core slabs.

ELiSLAB includes a collection of national annexes for Eurocodes. Eurocode updates are available as an option.

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ELiSLAB licenses are floating. It can be installed in several computers and one license can be used by multiple designers but one at a time only. Design outputs can be stored in the computers or servers.

ELiSLAB is fully compatible with Elematic ELiPLAN ERP and FloorMES manufacturing execution system. It can also be integrated with Tekla programs for easy exchange of information between different stakeholders in construction projects.


Additional licenses for simultaneous use
Automatic Eurocode updates, other software updates and HelpDesk

User training
Hollow core design training


  • Makes calculations simple

  • Decreases material costs

  • Easy to navigate

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