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Distributor E9

The Elematic Distributor E9 transfers concrete automatically from a shuttle to a casting machine and serves as an intermediate concrete storage in precast concrete production. It can also lift machines from one bed to another.

Distributor E9

Available models Half-portal and bridge type
Several different span lengths
Water volume of hopper 2.9 m3
Speeds are steplessly adjustable:
Travelling speed of gantry 0.1-0.5 m/s
Travelling speed of hopper 0.1-0.4 m/s
Lifting height 600 mm
Lifting capacity (bucket empty) 100 kN

With the combination of Distributor E9 and Shuttle E9 it is possible to transport even 30 to 40 m3/h of concrete to the casting machine, depending on the length of the tracks. The combination works fully automatically which improves safety of concrete transportation and decreases the number of personnel required.


The Distributor E9 can be operated in a manual mode with a remote control or in an automatic mode. The bucket is typically filled before automatic mode is engaged. The casting bed and the casting machine are prepared for casting and concrete is ordered from the B&M plant.


The user needs to tell the Distributor E9 which bed will be casted. Automatic mode is then engaged and the Distributor E9 begins moving forward with the light sensors looking down. When they notice the Caster E9 below, the system locks to it and keeps the same pace.

There is a level sensor in the moving bucket, which looks into the concrete hopper of a casting machine. If the level is lower than set value, it drops more concrete. Another sensor determines if the Distributor’s own bucket is empty. If that is the case, the bucket is taken to the end below the shuttle track. It then waits for the shuttle to arrive, which it notices with the sensors, after which a signal is sent for the shuttle to decelerate and stop. After that it send an unload command and when the shuttle is emptied, a return to B&M plant command.

The bucket is moved above the correct bed and Distributor E9 then begins to run forward until it reaches the casting machine. Then it resumes the filing cycle as explained earlier.


The machines can be lifted by fixing the four chains hanging from the bucket wagon. It moves 600 mm in vertical direction by hydraulic cylinders.


The bridge is fitted with safety sensors on both sides, which prevent it from hitting the rope of the crane or any other obstacle.

The bucket has a safety ring around it. This stops the machine if there is an obstacle on its way when moving over the casting machine.

The Distributor E9 meets EC Machine Directive requirements and comes with thorough and clear operator, maintenance and safety manuals in the required language.


Distributor E9 consists of a bridge, a moving bucket, the needed sensors and an automation system. The casting opening of the moving bucket is closed with sector gates. There is a service platform for accessing the electric cabin.

Lifting accessories for lifting girders during installation included.

The main girders need to be welded in the factory, if they cannot be transported as one piece.

The exact span and rail sizes has to be determined when placing the order. For longer span than what is indicated, another item needs to be selected instead.


  • Bridge track
  • Conductor rails 60 A
  • Current Collector 60 A


  • Tandem operation
  • Power supply to Caster E9-40 / Extruder / Slipformer
  • Automation for distributor E9

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