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The Elematic Design Team

Elematic design team

Civil Engineer Vaibhav Singhal, Vice President – Design, has over 13 years’ experience in structural design of precast/cast in situ and structural steel buildings. He has designed high-rise structures with over 50 storeys. Singhal has delivered more than 5 million sq ft of BIM projects, providing clash-free construction models, construction drawings and quantities.

Civil Engineer Ninad Ketkar, General Manager – Structures, has over 15 years’ experience in precast design of residential and industrial buildings, parking garages and other structures. He has worked with precast clients in the US, Canada, Sweden and Qatar. Ketkar, who is also a Qualified Associate Value specialist, is an expert in delivering precast feasibility surveys and building layout conceptualization.

Nishant Sharma, General Manager – Structures and BIM, holds a Master’s degree in Structural Engineering and a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering. With over 12 years’ experience in precast/cast in situ residential and commercial buildings, Sharma is responsible for Structural Design and BIM through TEKLA. He is focused on seismic engineering and on developing automation tools and components for fast and accurate output.

Sufiyan Manayar, Senior Structural Engineer, holds a Master’s in Structural Engineering and a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering. With close to a decade of experience in the structural design of high-rise residential and commercial buildings, he has successfully delivered and coordinated the construction of buildings over 60 storeys high. His expertise is in analysis and design using linear and nonlinear static and dynamic analytical methods.

Civil Engineer Ajinkya Shinde, Senior BIM Engineer – Structures, has 10 years’ experience in commercial and parking garage precast projects. He has worked on Indian and US precast BIM projects for over five years.

Civil Engineer Kavita Gaurav, BIM Engineer – Structures, has been working with BIM through TEKLA for over three years in cast in situ and for over five years in precast and steel projects. She develops automation tools and macros for fast and accurate modelling and shop drawing extractions, BBS, BOQ, Embed lists, among others. She also sets BIM TEKLA standards for modelling and drawings.

Civil Engineer Gopinathan N Y, BIM Engineer, has over six years’ experience in BIM (precast and CIP) and rebar detailing. He has worked with clients from the US, UK, India and Europe. N Y has also worked on over 20 projects, including low- and high-rise commercial, residential and public structures.

Mechanical Engineer Sayali Kasav has over three years’ experience in MEPF modelling of residential, healthcare and public sector buildings. She has handled US projects up to 400 LOD in Revit and delivers clash-free models with Navisworks and point cloud models using Recap.

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