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Not just on the surface

Elematic table production

Elematic’s Riihimäki mold factory is supplying high-quality molds for precast factories. The new grinding machine ensures better surfaces than ever before.

Production Manager Miska Kulmala says the working environment at the mold factory has improved dramatically, thanks to last year’s investment.

”The air quality is better and the noise level is lower. You can tell the difference.”

The digitally controlled, fully automated grinding machine is making the grinding work easier and much more precise. Above all, it is making the mold surfaces significantly better.

”This machine was specially built for our use. There is no other quite like it in the world”, Kulmala says.

With the new molds, precast factories are getting better wall panel surfaces, which means that they are easier to install at the construction site and also that the buildings will have nice straight walls. Grinding is not the only thing that matters though.

”We use extra hard pickled steel at the surface. Thanks to our long partnership with our steel supplier, the quality of our raw material is really high.”

The Riihimäki mold factory supplies customers all over the world from Finland. The vast majority of the molds are shipped abroad. Currently, the number of orders is increasing.

”We are not just selling molds, we are offering a lifetime service as well. Molds last a long time when used and maintained properly. On a maintenance visit last year, we saw molds that were built in the 1970s still in use.”

Elematic Riihimäki production and assembly team

Alwar factory

Elematic factory in Alwar, India, covers 2 000 sq. m. of modern facilities for efficient precast machinery production. The product range covers steel molds used in precast production.

Elematic's Alwar production team
Elematic Alwar production

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