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More than just a wall – Adding services to challenging concrete products

Betoniluoma's precast wall

Finnish Betoniluoma Oy produces precast concrete products and serves construction companies with more than 60 years of experience. The company creates added value for customers with a high degree of processing. Most deliveries include services that make the customer’s life easier.

Вetoniluoma’s modern production premises, with a total area of 1.8 hectares, are located in Teuva, Southern Ostrobothnia, Finland. The factory, consisting of two production lines and 60 professionals, was established at the end of 1980s. The circulating line, with over 20 mold tables delivered by Elematic, has been in use for five years.

In addition to external wall elements for residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural buildings and detached houses, Betoniluoma produces special elements for applications such as bathrooms and pools. The products also include balcony precast elements and columns. The elements for a wide variety of projects are always tailored according to customer needs.

“Specializing in highly processed products that are as ready to use as possible singles us out among the local precast companies,” says Mikko Torvela, Deputy Managing Director of Betoniluoma Oy.

“Our long-term partnership with Elematic allows constant development of this type of production,” he adds.

Special elements ready-to-use

Betoniluoma’s bathroom elements are equipped with lights and fittings at the factory, which significantly speeds up the completion of the building. Electrical power and water supply are installed on-site.

Close cooperation with customers, architects, and designers ensures that the elements are carefully designed and manufactured. “Our products are often used in highly visible and demanding places. That is why we even deliver walls with windows completely installed and sealed. Quality details make a finished product,” says Torvela.

Mikko Torvela

“We specialise in highly processed products that are as ready to use as possible.

Mikko Torvela, Deputy Managing Director at Betoniluoma.

Endless surface options

Precast concrete offers several different combinations of surface choices. “The almost limitless number of finishing materials available enables an individual solution for any need,” Torvela explains. The surface treatments and coatings each give a unique look. Graphic concrete patterns can also be manufactured.

“All in all, concrete is a highlyregarded material. Fine washed white precast concrete elements are very popular in apartment house construction in Finland. The use of interior decoration concrete applications in floors and walls, for example, has been a trend for some time now,” Torvela says.

Safety pays off

Like many companies in the precast industry, Betoniluoma has focused on occupational safety in the past few years. The circulating line allows dedusting and defogging on the spot – there is no need to move around a mobile device. “When the molds circulate instead of people moving from one work phase to another, each tool has a certain place,” says Torvela. Keeping the facilities clean and in order is easy.

Betoniluoma has developed and productized services that improve customer safety. “For example, time consuming, difficult, and dirty watercement paste removal can be done on behalf of the customer instead of completing the finishing work on the site,” Torvela explains.

Betoniluoma's precast wall Betoniluoma's precast walls
At Betoniluoma’s factory, consisting of two production lines and 60 professionals, elements for a wide variety of projects are always tailored according to customer needs.

3D molds for thin precast facade elements

One of the most recent, best known precast buildings in Finland is Kuopio City Theatre, renovated between 2012 and 2014. The fresh new look of the building was designed by ALA Architects. The old part of the building consists of white concrete panels, glass, and terracotta tiles. The new extension, clad in white concrete panels with a wrinkled, varying surface, indicates a similar acoustically optimized cladding inside the building. Betoniluoma delivered the white, fiber-reinforced concrete facade elements, the thinnest of which were only 40 millimeters thick. “The wrinkled pattern of the facade continues from one element to another. The greatest but most rewarding challenge for us in this project was to create the 3D precast molds. This required very close cooperation with architects and the structural engineer,” says Torvela.

Kuopio City Theatre
Kuopio City Theatre restauration and extension in Kuopio, Finland designed by ALA architects.