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Fluent slab transportation with automated wagon

Elematic automated wagon E9 helps to move the hollow core slabs quickly from production to the storage area.

Sometimes there can be peaks in slab loading at the storage area, which can delay moving the slabs from production to the storage area. Production might be delayed, even stopped, because the beds can’t be emptied fast enough.

Solution to these bottlenecks can be trying to optimize the slab pick-up times from the storage, have more efficient hollow core slab transportation from beds to the storage area, or investing in an additional crane.

The automated E9 wagon helps to move the slabs quickly from production to the storage area: you can empty the bed on the wagon and move the slabs automatically to the storage. The transportation system consists of active and passive wagon with combined 30 t capacity. More than one passive wagon can be added in the system in the factories where shorter and lighter slabs are produced. Compared to our previous wagon model, automated and battery-driven E9 wagon helps to get rid of the cable and it can use the same tracks. The wagon has sensors that guarantee safe movement and it is an exhaust-free option for slab transportation.

The factory’s current automation level is irrelevant; the new wagon can be introduced to any kind of automation level. There is no need for digital slab data or bed plans either, so it is easy to just insert in the process.

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How much can a factory save?

If a production line consists of six beds, 20 slabs are produced on each bed daily and it takes 15 minutes to transport one load of five slabs, you can save up to 52 200 EUR in labour costs annually.

35 €/h * 0.25 h/load * 20 slabs/bed * 6 beds/5 slabs/load * 250 days/a = 52 200 €/a

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