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Five reasons why precast is unbeatable today and in the future

Precast construction

Precast technology should matter for any construction company wanting to stay ahead of the curve in building better, more sustainable, durable buildings today and in the future.

In India, industrialization and implementing modern technology, is the only way forward to cater the requirement of ever growing construction needs. Time is ripe for the country to take a step forward with precast concrete technology and adapt new age technology in building construction.


Here are 5 reasons why precast tech is unbeatable:

1. Faster processes

One of the key advantages of precast technology over traditional cast in-situ method lies in its speed. As it industrializes the entire production process, it makes building execution more efficient, and faster, even with large-scale projects. Projects can be managed better with precise scheduling, completed on time and at a reduced cost.

2. Solid buildings with versatile technology

The technology can help make buildings sturdier through the design of connections of precast elements. The technology has already proven itself to be well suited for use in earthquake prone areas. Because of its versatility and durability, modern precast methods are suitable for any kinds of projects – from large housing complexes to small single floor buildings. Further with prestressed floor system, precast technology offers a lot of flexibility in architectural planning to end-user.

3. Greener construction

Thanks to the industrialized casting process, precast can help create virtually zero wastage on sites during construction. Three layered sandwich wall solution can dramatically reduce energy consumption of a building through a special insulation layer. The insulation between inner load bearing wall and external architectural finish façade can help to cut the heat outside and controls the building cool inside. Air circulation system within hollow core slab further enhances the utilization of natural resources to maintain the ambient temperature inside and reduce the energy requirement for cooling. The life span of a building is also extended and maintenance of building is greatly reduced using precast, due to superior quality controlled production of elements, which are more durable.

4. Safer working environment

When all casting is done under one roof, in a controlled environment, and with automated processes, it can help to reduce accidents. Fewer people need to operate in potentially hazardous zones or otherwise physically challenging work phases using precast technology. In a large-scale project, where different teams are working in different areas, where quality, health and safety matters, precast technology is unbeatable.

5. High quality, weatherproof finish

Structures built using precast do not need plastering, as it has desired smooth finish of all precast elements. In addition it requires very little maintenance work due to superior quality of precast elements. The result is excellent quality, efficient and aesthetically pleasing building. Precast concrete technology can also help to create higher weather resistance conditions and sustain India’s rough weather such as dust, monsoon rains, high saline content and high temperatures.