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Aluminum side forms cut waste

Elematic FaMe shuttering system

Need an efficient way to make door and window openings? Using aluminum profiles in shuttering is a durable, sustainable and light solution that is easy to adjust to various opening sizes.

“When it comes to molds for window or door openings, lightness and accuracy are what matter the most,” says Tero Mäki, Sales Engineer, Elematic. This is one of the reasons why Elematic began to provide aluminum profiles for shuttering as early as 1995. The profiles can be adjusted with corners and connectors and used over and over again for years.

“Plywood shuttering is sufficient in single-use molds, for example when you’re shuttering windows for one house. Once the scale increases and there is a need for 20-30 windows or more, aluminum is the ideal solution,” Mäki explains. He emphasizes the importance of how the mold is removed once the casting is done.

“With doors and especially windows, the mold has to be easy to remove. Plywood shuttering needs heavy tools for removal, and, although durable, steel is heavy to handle. Sometimes cranes are needed to lift steel shuttering. Typical Elematic door shuttering with aluminum LITE profiles weighs less than 25 kilos, which means that they can be moved manually without any issues.”

Elematic FaMe shuttering system

Easy to handle with magnets

“Our stock aluminum profiles are 5.5 meters in length, and they can be cut to preferred measures,” Mäki continues. The mold height and width can be tailored easily with the profiles.

“There’s a T slot in the upper edge of the cast aluminum profile. With the T-bolt connection, it is easy to attach the corner section in the profile and lock the mold firmly in a guaranteed 90-degree angle,” Mäki explains. A cast aluminum frame keeps its shape in demanding use.

Opening sizes tend to vary between projects. The corners and connectors of the aluminum profiles can be adjusted to new measures to make the mold wider or taller. Adding plywood plates to the LITE profiles makes the mold higher, which means that various wall panel thicknesses can be cast with the same profile.

“The aluminum profiles can be used over and over again. With the right care, they last for years,” Puputti praises. Shuttering can be fixed with patented Elematic FaMe push-button magnets. They are easy to handle and easy to detach, and no welding or bolts are needed for fixing side forms onto steel beds and tables.

“We have developed the shuttering system for over two decades,” Tero Mäki says. “When we started, the market had a clear need for better shuttering for door and window openings. Our system provides provide a light, durable and flexible solution for just that.”


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