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Sales Manager / Engineer, USA

Sales Manager / Engineer is in charge of the sales and results for the market area and is responsible for overseeing sales operations, meeting targets and managing the sales network in the region. Sales Manager / Engineer will handle direct customer contacts as well as supports agents and develops the sales process.

Sales Manager / Engineer sets challenging goals and demonstrates drive to achieve and exceed them. Sales Manager / Engineer will ensure that goals and activities are aligned with overall business objectives. You are proactive, open, curious and have an enthusiastic approach to work. In this position, you get to develop and challenge yourself in an international work environment. You work naturally both in a group and independently and get along with different kinds of people.

Location of this position is US. Final location will be agreed on.

The Job Role and Responsibilities

  • Establishing, maintaining and increasing Elematic Project Sales
  • Dealing with major customer accounts and expanding the customer base
  • Developing efficient and creative sales and marketing strategies for the territory and target setting
  • Managing, developing efficient co-operation with local authorities
  • Managing, developing and motivating efficient network for sales and towards growth
  • Servicing the needs of the customers
  • Collecting customer and market feedback and reporting the feedback to the organization
  • Reaching the targets and goals set for the area

Qualifications and Competencies

  • Bachelor degree or higher in relevant subject
  • 5+ years of sales experience in international Business-to-Business environment in technical investment goods sales.
  • Strong hands-on knowledge and several years background of working and negotiating with local people in the region
  • Experience in Building Industry, Machinery or Mechanical Engineering is a great asset in the position.
  • Good interpersonal communication, influencing and persuasion skills
  • Ability to travel 80+ days per year
  • Adapting quickly to different cultures and enjoying working with people
  • Fluent English, other languages considered an asset, like Spanish


  • 10 paid holidays & PTO
  • IRA with company match through Fidelity
  • Health, Vision & Dental group plan

Elematic culture

Our vision
We are the global technology and market leader in our business segment, that is precast concrete technology for buildings, both residential and non-residential.

Our values
We believe in continuous improvement of our operations and offering to develop your business in a smart way. We want to provide precast concrete producers with technology, production lines, products and services that make them succeed.

We believe that trust can be earned only by giving realistic promises that can be kept. Trust is the only way to create true win-win relationships in the industry we are operating in. Trust is no easy task, and it should not be that either. Strong trustworthy relationship is built on understanding customer’s needs, challenges and realities. And then serving them on time and with world-class quality.

We believe in customer being our priority. We want to understand and find the most suitable solution for customers’ need every time. Needs are diverse, which gives us a unique view on the industry’s evolution. We could even say, that meeting and talking with precasters and builders is our livelihood. Careful listening and open communication are the areas, in which we want to develop ourselves further. We want to stay on a continuous learning curve for the best of our customers.

We believe in working together by sharing knowledge and respecting each other. It means collaboration internally and interdisciplinary – across functions and between local teams to achieve targeted results. At the same time, new innovations and best practices are created in the industry network co-operations among contractors, builders, designers, manufacturers and technology developers.

We believe that renewal is a state-of-mind that we are eager to achieve every day. It is a point of view on things – big and small. It can be a minor improvement in a casting machine, a new service for production maintenance or a major change in a building method. Continuous development is part of every level of our operations. It is the core of our philosophy regarding employees, know-how, processes, product and services. And it results Smart Evolution.


Application deadline: As soon as possible