Would you be interested in regular updates on our company and business? Or are you more after industry stories and precast information? Do you miss good photography on precast products or production solutions? If so, this section might be the answer.

Media contacts

Mrs Nina Lehtonen
Marketing Manager, Elematic
Mob. +358 400 534344

Material Bank

Whenever illustrating or drafting articles about precast industry or Elematic, check our Public Material Bank. The material bank includes, for example, the most important original logos and selected product and management photos. You can use them free of charge for journalistic and media purposes. A separate agreement with the Elematic marketing is needed for commercial use though. Only requirement we have is that you name Elematic as the source.

In case you don’t find suitable material, please contact us directly.

Concrete Issues Customer Magazine

Our customer magazine, Elematic Concrete Issues focuses on current issues on global precast market and references – precast as a building method, precast design and products, and precast manufacture. It is published twice a year in English and Russian both in print and as a web magazine.

All editorial and photographic material may be reproduced in full, provided due reference is made to Concrete Issues. With this service you can order a free copy of the latest Concrete Issues magazine or subscribe as a regular reader.

Elematic Newsletters

Our newsletters deliver you the most interesting bits and pieces of our production solutions, product development and launches, trainings and company developments. You can subscribe to them here.