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Every market has its own building traditions, conditions and challenges. To supply precast manufacturing solutions that meet the local expectations and realities Elematic has consistently developed its local presence in the key markets. Currently, we support our customers with three regional service centers, five local subsidiaries, one local manufacturing unit and 20 local representatives around the globe.

Elematic works globally having many long-term partnerships in all continents. We have completed over 3600 deliveries in more than 100 countries on 6 continents. Lately the most vivid areas have been the Middle East, Russia, India and China. To the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Bahrain alone, Elematic has delivered twenty complete factories.

Our local subsidiaries in the USA, Germany, Russia, India and China offer consultancy and support in precast manufacturing issues from building concept design to production renewals. Our regional service centers supply wear and spare parts and production maintenance in Finland, the United Arab Emirates and the USA. Elematic-CTIEC offers local manufacturing for customers in China. Elematic has also local representatives in over 20 countries.

Precast information sharing, e.g. through Concrete Issues plays an important role in increasing local knowledge on best practices in precast manufacturing, e.g. in recipes, precast design and product standards. Elematic is an active contributor to local industry seminars and events that tackle the local challenges. Our Precast Academy is an annual event, where precasters meet and share their experiences to learn more together.


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