Renewing precast production

Continuous development and improvement is embedded in Elematic’s philosophy. It is the only way to renew your business smartly. With 450 patents and largest yearly R&D investment in the industry, we aim at making even more efficient, safe and user-friendly machines and technologies, that generate true added value for your needs.

Elematic has the ownership of many original precast concrete production technologies, such as Elematic shear compaction technology, Roth slipformer technology and Acotec® partition wall technology. They are concrete innovation examples that have helped our customers in their everyday precast challenges.

Help can vary from fine-tuning of machines, parts and software to renewing manufacturing processes, methods and materials. Sometimes doing a specific task in a different way makes a trick, sometimes only replacement of an old technology brings expected results.

If we were to calculate the man-hours spent on R&D, we would have started back in 1865. Naturally, these hours include a lot of trial-and-error, but they have also resulted several groundbreaking novelties proved by precasters around the globe. It could even be said, that this is the essence of our innovation – to achieve your ambitions you need to reach high enough, and do that with unforeseen determination.

Some of our precast innovations

Elematic Fastening Method, FaMe: 
Fast preparation of side forms and opening with light, recyclable aluminum profiles and magnets. Upt to 70% time saving compared to welding and bolting.

Easy-to-operate, radio controlled casting/compaction. Accurate dosing saves raw materials and time.

Acotec Line:
Compact and highly automated production line for non-load bearing partition walls. Acotec-walls can be built six times faster than traditional brick walls and twice as fast as block work. 

Extruder E9-1200e:
Elematics fourth generation shear compaction extruder with automatic control system. It saves concrete and prolongs component lifetime.

ELiPLAN Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP:
A production control software that secures up-time and reduces material consumption. Applicable for a single production line to multiple factories and product types.

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