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New automatic wastewater recycling to existing precast factories

Compact water recycling device for precast plants

Jussi Alatalo and Teppo Kasanko were tired of problems with excess wastewater when going about their daily jobs at precast concrete plants. So, they set out to solve it – came up with a smart and compact device!

“Our goal was to free up personnel resources from constant pond cleaning while ensuring process water for the factory, and we succeeded,” the inventors say.

Seven years after the idea was born, their innovation, a small-sized, fully automatic wastewater recycling device for precast plants, will now be put into production by Elematic, so others can benefit from it too.

With a width of only 600mm and about two meters in height and length, the device is compact indeed. Jani Eilola, Product Director, Floor Technologies at Elematic, sees it as a perfect addition to the much bigger, complete solutions for the separation of water and solid particles that Elematic has offered for years.

“It could be used as a very affordable booster in an existing batching and mixing plant for precast production or utilized in the ready-mix concrete industry.”

The new device can purify 24 m3 of water per day depending on how dirty it is. The water is pumped into the machine, where solids and water are allowed to separate before a scraper conveyer takes away the solids settled at the bottom. The water content of the remaining sludge is low enough for it to be transported away for recycling with a regular truck.

The very fine filter can get down to less than 10 ppm solid content, ensuring that also fibers and EPS are filtered. As the filter is cleaned automatically, the device can operate for days without interruptions.

The prototype has been tested in Lujabetoni’s factory for about a year, so the technology is already proven. Elematic will soon be able to take orders with the first deliveries being shipped in the second quarter of 2023.

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