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Elematic signs a groundbreaking agreement with PSP Projects

PSP Projects precast plant inauguration, Ahmedabad, India

PSP’s visionary approach will be able to help the company to showcase its true potential in precast to clients and respond to market growth. “The person who is coming to see the factory, he will not only see our factory, but see all different kinds of precast elements we can produce,” said Patel. “If they need a commercial or Industrial building, project execution will be with the column, beam and hollow core slab and wall structure.” In the residential construction, PSP opted for an entire precast plant made of precast elements (instead of Traditional PEB) to showcase the technology’s ability to adapt for different purposes.

The Ahmedabad based construction company PSP Projects Ltd, has opted for a unique solution for their precast factory, designed to serve commercial, industrial, and residential customers. For the Ahmedabad – based company, choosing to construct the entire factory out of precast concrete was a case of showcasing the result of precast technology for its clients and thus gaining a competitive edge.

For PSP Projects, the need for precast was born out of shortage of labor.

“We were short of labor due to Covid and I had to think hard on how to manage projects. The whole idea of precast and automation was born. Elematic came to my mind through industry contacts, and just in three months from placing the order, buying the land, and starting the construction, we had it all set up,” said Prahaladbhai Shivrambhai Patel, the Managing Director of PSP Projects.

PSP Projects Ltd., Plant specifications

1.5 million sq. ft production capacity, with provision to double

  1. Fully automated prestressed hollow core slabs production line of 3x 150 meters with production capacity of 500mt2 per day
  2. Concrete transportation and distribution system for casting concrete in Hollow core slabs line
  3. 2×60 meter prestressed beam line production of 120 meters of beams per day
  4. 1x 120-meter column mold production of 60-meter column per day
  5. Concrete Distribution system for column and beam lines
  6. KVT wall line 15 tables system production of 420 mt2 per day
  7. Concrete comcaster for distribution of concrete in wall line
  8. Staircase mold for production of 2 staircases per day

The entire factory building, including boundary walls, offices, canteen and even restrooms are made with precast method for this modern factory. Elematic supplied the molds and machinery, designed the precast factory, including precast columns and beams.

“I wanted this factory made entirely out of precast concrete because we have name and fame for speed and quality. That’s our USP and we believe in delivering the project on time. To make those client stories successful consistently, I realized precast is the only way we can maintain quality and speed to ensure 100% client satisfaction,” said Patel.

The plant itself is divided into three bays. First hall produces the hollow core slabs, hall two is for columns and beams, hall four is for production walls with the Elematic SEMI production system and hall three is dedicated for Reinforcement and shuttering work., it is basically wall and slab – structure.  The plant can manage all kinds of building structures,” said Elematic’ s Head Projects Shriniwas Potdar.

“We installed the factory, helped them to start the production and assigned three engineers, so they will be maintaining all the machinery as part of our annual maintenance contract,” he continued.

Modernization of construction methods are much in demand in India right now as the country gears to boost its economic growth. As a result, the demand for building construction is widely expected to increase at an exponential rate.

The post-Covid world has seen an increased demand in precast technology in India.

For more information, please contact:

Nina Lehtonen
Marketing Manager, Elematic Oyj

“Now people understand the world is unpredictable and there may be less manpower available for projects. Construction companies need to adapt in the changing world and without automating processes, it will be very difficult to proceed further,” said Chander Dutta, Managing Director of Elematic in India.

Indian construction companies are steadily increasing their understanding of the importance of mechanization.

India is such an enormous country with huge requirements for infrastructure as well as housing construction, which will be difficult to be completed using the traditional way

“We have invested a lot in India in recent years, creating awareness, giving lectures on precast, and what are its benefits. Now we are getting the fruits of that labor and that knowledge to help people to choose wisely,” said Dutta. Elematic has set up more than 35 Precast plants in India and the numbers are growing