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Plotter E9-1200pl

Fast and accurate marking of hollow core slabs

Fast and accurate marking of openings, reservations and other cuts saves a bunch of money in the hollow core slab production process. But not only that - accuracy also saves people at the construction site spending time for struggling with unfitting duct installations.

Elematic's automatic Plotter E9 makes both speed and accuracy in hollow core slab plotting possible. The machine uses inkjet technique and marks cutting lines, rectangles and circles for openings and reservations as well as identifications on the slab surface. It also marks spots for dividers and fittings on an empty bed surface.


A new level of plotting accuracy is reached through a direct transfer of slab details from the design software* - such as Tekla Structures BIM - to FloorMES** machine control on Plotter.


  • file transfer via a WiFi remote connection
  • continuous laser positioning along the the casting bed. Laser accuracy: +/-1mm
  • both longitudinal and crosswise text printing

Touch screen operation

Plotter is operated via a simple 15.6" touch screen designed to meet the everyday plotting tasks in precast concrete plants. You can see the slabs on beds, and on-bed quick replanning allows you to

  • check and edit the data on machine if needed
  • remove faulty slab sections
  • define a new starting point
  • remove geometry

The screen also shows work status such as start time, slab No., tasks and elapsed time, alerts and remaining battery power and ink levels.  The touch screen is easy to use; you can zoom and drag and drop items similar to any other smart device.

The user interface is available in English, Russian and Finnish as standard. Any other language is available as an option.

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