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FloorMES E9 is a manufacturing execution system for supervising and planning precast floor production. The automated system significantly enhances hollow-core slab production in any precast plant. It optimizes and balances the production plan and schedules. In addition, the system monitors the work process and compares it to the original plan.

The system consists of three modules:

  • Machine control
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Monitoring
FloorMES focuses on the efficiency of hollow core slab production. It optimizes the use of production lines and work schedules and monitors the work progress. The main objective of the manufacturing execution system is to achieve smooth, continuous precast floor production and low operational costs.

Manufacturing execution system gives you:

  • A hands-on tool for supervising and planning precast floor production
  • Automated system to optimize andbalance the production plan
  • Production schedules based on the allocated resources and planned production
  • Monitoring of the work progress compared to the plan

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