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FaMe Designer

Automatic planner for shuttering

FaMe Designer provides for the user of FaMe shuttering system an efficient tool to create automatic shuttering plans. This saves time from the factory personnel and ensures that required shuttering parts are available for the planned production.

The user of FaMe Designer can simply input element measures and the tool provides a shuttering plan including side forms and recommendation of the magnets automatically. The shuttering plans for the daily production can be documented and printed for the factory furnishing. Plans can be also saved to the element model library and re-used easily later.

FaMe designer maintains the FaMe parts storage and provides information of the available parts compared to the planned production. In case of missing parts, new parts can be easily ordered from the FaMe sales to ensure smooth production. User can also create own combinations of FaMe parts or shorten available side forms. Combinations can include for example window or door, which are regularly used in production. Created combinations or shortened parts can be used as part of shuttering plans.

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