Is your production as efficient as it could be? Optimization involves different knowhow transfer and training services depending on your precast production lifecycle. Our factory audit helps you to locate your production bottlenecks and optimize your production processes.

Elematic factory audit aims at increasing your production efficiency. Together with our experts, your production machinery and equipment, factory layout and working processes are analyzed. Your practices are compared with other similar sites in most relevant production parameters. The audit report gives you a clear view on your production strengths, development areas and potential.

Your productivity increases, when work and material flows are optimized and precast design, use and manufacturing skills are up-to-date. In that, we offer services for 

  • machinery, production and maintenance training
  • raw material and recipe training, 
  • installation, calibration and documentation
  • preventive maintenance planning.

In our Precast Academy, you can learn the essentials on precast floor and wall design, manufacture and use. For operators, there is available a special Operator’s licence program to improve machinery performance. 

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