Precast is one of the world’s most common building materials. Yet, its use as a building method is quite new in many countries. As the leading precast technology supplier, we have the knowledge and networks to guide you trough the whole precast production lifecycle successfully.

There are multiple precast products and production options. When choosing precast as a building method, we can provide you with project pre-planning to design the building concept. The pre-plan is then finalized by structural design experts to proceed with your investment.

After selection of precast products you need, the production technology planning can start. We can consult you in building technology planning and preliminary production planning. Your choices in production capacity and flexibility, and level of automation and investment direct us in finding the right production solution.

To make your investment decision, feasibility study consultation as well as precast factory layout are available for you. Factory layout together with logistics plan for the production site help you to complete your factory building design.

Finally, factory set-up can start. To get most out of your production, different production maintenance, optimization and renewal services and training can be integrated in your operations.

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