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We have had the pleasure to serve a great many customers around the world with various kinds of solutions to precast concrete production, no matter whether it's walls, floors, beams or columns. Some have been only just starting in the precast business while others have been large companies with extensive experience in the industry. Many have also grown from a small start-up into a big enterprise - and, over the years, we have had the pleasure of being a part of more than 3 700 cases in over 100 countries around the world. Of this trust shown to us we are extremely proud.   

Below you'll find some examples of the customers we've served in recent years. 

Hanwha E&C, Bismayah New City Project

To build a new satellite city in the vicinity of Baghdad, Hanwha E&C ordered a new precast plant from Elematic. The plant is world’s largest full scale precast factory producing all precast elements for the Bismayah New City housing project.
Products manufactured
Sandwich panel, Hollow-core slab, Stairs


The full precast plant consists of three buildings, one for hollow-core slab production, one for facade production (circulating lines) and one for other precast products. These include:

  • 4 pcs of circulation wall lines with 300 tables
  • 4 pcs of hollow-core slab production lines
  • Battery molds
  • Staircase molds
  • 3 pcs of tower batching and mixing plants

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Skandinaviska Byggelement Hallstahammar

Skandinaviska Byggelement's Hallstahammar factory is producing hollow-core slabs with a fully automatic EDGE production line.

Elematic has delivered the following products to Skandinaviska Byggelement in Sweden:

EDGE hollow-core production line including:

  • Extruder E9-1200
  • Hollow-core slab saw E9-500
  • Modifier E9-1200
  • Multifunction machine P7-1200
  • Concrete transportation system
  • ELiPLAN E9
  • All other supporting equipment


BN Precast Pvt. Ltd.

BN Precast Pvt. Ltd has been conceived to usher in a new way of industrialized construction that provides precast elements for extremely durable, affordable, adaptable, livable and environmentally sustainable buildings that have high consistent quality and ensure high efficiency fast construction.

Elematic has delivered following products to BN Precast in India:

Acotec wall panel line

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Shanghai Urban Construction Material

Chinese construction group STEC’s strategic drive to win advantage in the increasingly competitive PC market in Shanghai has led it to invest in more sophisticated and flexible production capability in a move that is also a milestone breakthrough for Elematic in the Chinese construction sector. Elematic delivered them a circulating wall line with a capacity of 420 000 m2 per year.

Elematic has delivered the following products to Shanghai Urban in China:

  • EDGE Circulation line with Comcaster casting machine
  • Concrete distribution system

Block Berge Bygg A/S

Block Berge Bygg is one of the Scandinavian forerunners in adoption of new precasting technologies. Elematic supports leadership by supplying production solutions for more extensive and energy-saving construction demands.

Elematic has delivered the following products to Block Berge Bygg in Norway:

Complete precast production plant:

  • Extruders (different models, incl. E9)
  • Casting beds
  • Slab saws
  • Comcaster casting machine
  • Circulating table mold line
  • Beam and column molds
  • ELiPLAN ERP-software
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Mid-States Concrete Industries Co.

Founded in 1946, Mid-States is now in its third generation, and focused on producing precast concrete elements for building structures. Located in South Beloit, Illinois, the company has a single site with six buildings, dating from 1960 to 2003. It runs production out of two adjacent buildings with total floor area of almost 9290m2.

Elematic has delivered following equipment to Mid-States in Illinois, USA:

  • 6 hollow core lines, each 160m long, with a full complement of equipment – concrete shuttle and gantry, the new E9 extruder and saw series, Preparer, lifting beams, ELiPLAN etc.
  • The hall is supported by a 1.6m3 mixer, and the automation systems of the batching plant controls and the hollow core lines work together

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Alfanar Building Systems Co.

Alfanar is a modern precaster for any building need in the Saudi market. Elematic was chosen to even better answer its customers’ expectations of high quality at a comparable price.
Products manufactured
Solid slab, Hollow-core slab, extruded, Sandwich panel, Cladding panel, TT-slab

Elematic has delivered the following products to Alfanar in Saudi Arabia:

  • Hollow-core slab production line:
    • Casting beds, each 150 m long
    • Extruder EL900E for production of up to 500mm hollow core slabs
    • Slab Saw EL1300A
    • BedMaster EL400
    • other supporting equipment
  • Circulating table mold line
  • Batching & mixing plant
  • Concrete distribution system
  • Beam and column molds
  • TT-molds
  • Hydraulic tilting molds
  • ELiPLAN ERP-software

Services: A service agreement with regular factory audits, operator training, preventive maintenance and assistance.

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