Precast Academy

Top training on precast products, their manufacturing and building with precast

Precast Academy is a forum, dedicated to improving and developing understanding and knowledge amongst precasters on production technologies, use and designing of precast products in all areas of construction globally.

The main objective, building a platform of hands-on procedures, is met by sharing, collecting and distributing current and advanced information on precast concrete as versatile, safe and competitive material. And at the same time the Precast Academy connects precasters worldwide. Precast Academy is a highly-focused 3-day-program. Trainers are experienced professionals in the field of precasting.

Specially designed to companies who

  • are planning to start precast production
  • are beginners in precast production
  • have little or none experience on precast production

The Precast Academy concentrates on the design, manufacture and use of precast products

There are two individual modules available:

M1 (MODULE 1) Design, manufacture and use of precast floor products

M2 (MODULE 2) Design, manufacture and use of façade-, and solid wall products

Who should attend?

The Precast Academy is specially designed to top and middle management responsible on production, designing, quality control and business development e.g. Production Managers, Factory Managers, Design Engineers.


The aim is that the participant who has completed the seminar knows

  • what is a precast floor element, façade and/or wall element
  • how to use the named precast product
  • how to design the named precast product
  • how to produce it
  • what is needed to set up production of the named precast product


The participants return with

  • a wealth of new ideas to improve their precast processes
  • a sharpened understanding on the whole precast concept
  • know how on where to find information on precast products

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Comments from participants:

"Very informative for new precasters. The training pointed out how much we still have to learn about hollow-core manufacture"

"A big eye-opener"

"I recommend the course for anyone that is new in producing precast elements and who are serious about operating professionally"

"Excellent! All information was good and extremely usefull. I recommend it to everyone in my company"