No climbing to heights: Elematic lifting beam E9-16-5a promotes safety


 The brand-new Elematic lifting beam E9-16-5a is raising the work site efficiency and safety on a new level, sending the complicated chain lifting to history. No dangerous climbing is needed in order to reach the hook when mounting the product on the beam - thanks to the beam's clever radio remote control for placing, closing and opening the lifting hooks.

Elematic E9-16-5a lifting beam has been developed to help improving work site safety and to meet the requirements set by the authorities in many countries. Elematic began regenerating new technology to improve safety in 2013, after Finnish Regional State Administrative Agencies carried out inspections on several constructions sites in 2013, discovering risks related to lifting operations. Risks of dangerous climbing was particularly underlined by the authorities.

The new lifting beam was developed together with Elematic and Finnish precast companies, in order to find the best solution.

“If someone has to climb on top of a precast wall panel in order to fasten the lifting hooks, there is always a risk of falling,” explains Ismo Kallio, Product Manager, Walls at Elematic.

“Chain-free lifting with remote-controlled hooks thus improves on-site safety considerably,” Kallio says, referring to customer feedback.

Less risks every day Consolis Parma, a leading prefabricated precast company in Finland, introduces the lifting beams in its precast factory in Kangasala six months ago. User experiences are very promising.  

“30 – 40 lifts are carried out daily in our factory, meaning of several potential safety risks every day if workers has to climb on top of the elements. Automated lifting is bringing a significant improvement in our work safety”, tells Tero Anttila, Factory Manager in Kangasala.

“60 percent of lifts can be currently carried out with automatic lifting beams. Our goal is to reach 95 percent by the end of the year.”

To reach the maximum safety level, another lifting beam for the Kangasala factory is under consideration.

Elematic lifting beam E9-16-5a was also recently introduced in Valkeakosken Betoni, another Finnish precaster.

Fast and efficient lifts In addition to the enhanced safety, the lifts with automated beam are faster and more efficient as unnecessary work phases are left out. Time-consuming chain mounting is not needed as the Elematic lifting beam is equipped with lifting hooks. It is also easy to place the hooks on the right spot as they can be operated independently and therefore placed correctly even if the attachment points are not equally spaced.

Moreover, there is no need to worry about the firmness of grip. The lifting boom features traffic lights that show when the hook is properly placed and it is safe to start lifting.


Facts about Elematic lifting beam E9-16-5a lifting:

Lifting capacity

2 x 8 t


5500 mm

Operating range

1000 - 5000 mm


~1500 kg

Connection power

0.75 kW


400 AC / 50 Hz


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