New FaMe Designer for shuttering plan automation!

Elematic's offering in shuttering of precast products has now a new extension, FaMe Designer. FaMe Designer is a software that creates automatic shuttering plans including side forms and magnet recommendations. This saves working time and ensures continuous production flow in the precast factory.

The user of FaMe Designer can simply input product measures and the tool provides a shuttering plan automatically. The plan can then be documented and printed or saved to the precast product model library for easy re-use later. FaMe Designer maintains also the parts storage, which makes the ordering of missing FaMe parts even smoother and minimizes then production stoppages.

Even 70% savings in shuttering time with FaMe

FaMe Designer is available for all users of FaMe shuttering system. It completes safe, time-saving and versatile shaping of precast products in both battery molds and tables with steel surfaces. The patented FaMe system allows you not only to prepare molds, i.e. openings and sides faster, but also shift to new dimensions with greater speed and even double or triple the efficiency.

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