It's here: Accuracy in small volume casting

Elematic Comskip S5-3000 brings fast and accurate casting to your fingertips. It is an ideal choice for small volume concrete production and uses the same patented and highly appreciated technology as the Elematic Comcaster E9. Power supply is not an issue as Comskip can be battery-operated.

The new Elematic Comskip S5-3000 offers advanced technology for small volume concrete production. It includes all the key advantages Elematic casting machinery is famous for but with even lower final operational cost.

The new Comskip features an adjustable casting nozzle for fast and accurate concrete dosing. A minimum amount of concrete goes into waste - leading into reduced material costs and cleaning time. Simple push button control ensures ease of operation.

Elematic Comskip S5-3000 keeps noise levels in the working area on a low level. Comskip also features an internal concrete feeder and well-designed mechanical structure which help keep factory floor clean.

Comskip S5-3000 offers flexibility of usage. It can be used for different kinds of concrete mixes for precast products. The machine is also easily adaptable to various types of production locations as it can be also battery-operated, either independently or alongside the existing machinery. Comskip S5-3000 can be added to an existing precasting process or put into use at a construction site. It is no doubt an excellent choice if you need to replace any old-fashioned mechanical or electro-mechanical casting units.

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