How COVID-19 situation affects Elematic operations


Dear Customer,


You are an important part of our community, so we wanted to reach out to you with this note about COVID-19 and its effects on our common business at the current stage.

As of today, there are only minimal effects on Elematic projects and machine deliveries. Our product supply is running as usual and all our personnel can also be reached as usual. The HelpDesk is open 24/7 and wear and spare part deliveries keep running.

We are of course monitoring the situation closely and responding to the rapid changes immediately as they occur. If any changes to any of our operations will take place, we will share information through newsletters and on our social media channels. If you at that time have an on-going project or wear or spare part delivery with us, your dedicated contact person will be in touch with you about the effects immediately.

What’s the situation with our different functions? Here’s some details.



The projects proceed as usual; thus far our product supply is not affected by COVID-19 in any way. Naturally, the global lack of containers and decrease in the freight transportation capacity are likely to cause some delays to the delivery schedules.   

Should there be any delays or other changes in the situation that affect your project, your dedicated project manager will contact you as soon as possible to inform you and to discuss the way to proceed with you.



The wear and spare part deliveries are working normally but changes to global shipping and flight schedules will influence delivery times.

If you need information about your spare or wear part delivery, please contact your dedicated spare parts sales person. 



As countries close their borders, service and maintenance visits will not take place in the near future. However, our services are not closed.  We have added personnel to the HelpDesk service where our experienced experts offer you fast remote support. The HelpDesk is open 24/7.  

Thus, if you have a problem at your factory, please contact the HelpDesk by filling the form below. Filling the form is the fastest way to receive help in your problem; we only request information that we will any way need to have in order to help you further.

Contact HelpDesk


If you have questions about service and maintenance visits, you can contact the following people:


Global: Toni Oksanen,

US & Canada: Matt Cherba,

Middle East: Arto Pohjonen,

China: Simon Lou,

India: Shriniwas Potdar,



Any visits to our headquarters will be cancelled until April 30, 2020. However, all our people can be reached normally by phone, skype or video meetings.


It goes without saying that our thoughts are with everyone affected by the global outbreak of COVID-19. We, of course, do our best to keep you, our customers and associates, safe, and the business going on with as little interruptions and inconveniences as possible. We hope that your team, your loved ones and your business will not be affected by this situation.


Looking forward to a healthy and confident future together!


Yours faithfully,

Mats Jungar


Elematic Group



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