Elematic to deliver precast plant to Hansung PCC

In the photo:  Mr. Koo, Cha-Chul, Chairman of Hansung and YESCO shaking hands with Mr. Mats Jungar, CEO of Elematic Oy AB. Next to left from Mr. Koo: Mr. Noh, Joong-Seok, CEO of YESCO and Mr. Chang, Kyun-Sick, CEO of Hansung/Hansung PCC. Next to Mr. Jungar. Mr. Kim Sung Ho, President of Joolpo and on the right, Mr. Lassi Järvinen, Elematic Technology Director.



Elematic Oy, a world-leading manufacturer of precast concrete plants and production lines for walls, floors, frames and foundations, will deliver a precast plant to Hansung PCC in Asan, South Korea. The delivery, with a contract value of over 3 million euros, will take place during spring 2015.

The precast plant delivery includes a well-equipped hollow-core slab floor production line, a tower batching and mixing plant with heating equipment for the rock material, a concrete distribution system, and comprehensive production supervision services. 

Over the years, Elematic has delivered more than ten plants to South Korea. This is the second delivery to Hansung, a precast concrete manufacturer with a previous focus on structural concrete production. The new floor production line is an update to the customer’s existing production facilities, delivered by Elematic in the 1990s.

“Precast technology, especially the utilization of hollow-core slabs, is on the rise in the country. Elematic was chosen by Hansung due to the proven technology and positive experiences on the previous production line”, says Ari Mellanen, Elematic’s Sales Director in Asia.



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