Elematic at Bauma 2016: New software optimizes precast hollow core production

Back-up for continuous casting

Elematic, a world-leading manufacturer of precast concrete plants and production lines, cements their strong know-how in precast production automation by a new software product launched at Bauma 2016 in April. The manufacturing execution system for precast floors will offer a complete solution to optimize hollow core slab production.

Developed based on users’ needs, the new system focuses on enhancing the efficiency of hollow core slab production. It optimizes the use of production lines and work schedules and monitors the work progress. The main objective of the manufacturing execution system is smooth, continuous precast floor production.

- A casting process without interruptions is key to our customers, explains Jarkko Salmensivu, Automation & Software Product Director at Elematic.

- The accurate, up-to-date production and machinery data enables to react to possible deviations in time, before any bottlenecks occur. Safe and automated routines at the factory allow our customers to focus on their own processes and further improve their business.

Elematic’s other remarkable software products include ELiPLAN, an enterprise resource planning system specifically designed for precast factories. It provides support for operative planning of precast production throughout the process. ELiPLAN works seamlessly with compatible BIM software and supports the entire workflow, from building design to on-site erection.

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