Elematic at Bauma 2016: Improving raw material availability in Acotec precast partition wall production

ATREX continuous crushing mixer conjures up the finest grades.

Elematic, a world-leading manufacturer of precast concrete plants and production lines, will introduce an innovative crushing mixer to their Acotec non-load bearing precast partition wall production line at Bauma 2016 in April.

The new ATREX® continuous crushing mixer, developed by Finnish technology and equipment provider Megatrex, will offer a solution for raw material procurement challenges. Thanks to it, lightweight aggregate up to grade 30 can be used in Acotec panel production. Thus, there is no need for panel producers to buy specific grades or store several different aggregate grades anymore. This will bring considerable savings and simplify the production process, especially in market areas such as Russia and China, where fine-grained aggregate is not widely available.

Leca, a lightweight expanded clay aggregate used for cement mix, is manufactured worldwide from natural materials. Leca products may, therefore, vary individually from country to country. Leca particles are generally larger than what is needed for the fine-grained cement mix used in Acotec production.

- Thanks to the new mixer, aggregate can be directly introduced to the Acotec production line. Otherwise, it would need screening and crushing before production, explains Elematic Technical Director Lassi Järvinen.

Innovative but proved technology

Despite being a new application in the precast industry, ATREX® is well-proven technology in many other industries that need continuous processes for grinding, mixing, crushing and dispersing. The technology has been developed in Finland since the 1990s, originally for the forest industry. Starting from the 2000s, the technology has been introduced to other sectors such as the mining and biotech industries.

 - This well-tested and proved technology has been utilized to develop the ATREX® unit for Acotec production. It has many similarities with other applications such as the pigment dispersion technology needed in the continuous slurrying process of the forest industry, tells Miika Partanen, Sales Manager at Megatrex.

Important advantages of ATREX® compared to the conventional batch mixer are its continuous operation and its simultaneous crushing and mixing properties.

Production line for any investment size

The non-load bearing Acotec precast partition wall panels have been manufactured around the world with Elematic Acotec production lines for almost 30 years.  

The panels have various benefits, including excellent sound installation, top-rate moisture resistance and easy installation method. With Acotec panels, construction work proceeds up to six times faster than traditional brickwork and even two times faster than blockwork.

The production line, developed and manufactured by Elematic, featured three new automation and capacity levels last year.

The SEMI line with a production capacity of 80 m2 per hour is a simple line with practical combined restacker-handler and automated key functions. The PRO line offers a mid-level capacity of 100 m2 per hour with automated functions for all main processes, whereas the fully-automatic Acotec EDGE offers a top-rate capacity of 120 m2 per hour and needs only two operators to run.

Based on the different levels, production line can be designed for demand at any size.

 - Acotec can be used in practically any application anywhere in the world. Thanks to the innovative manufacturing method, the length and thickness of the wall can be adjusted on the production line in accordance with the application and the construction requirements, explains Product Manager Jani Eilola from Elematic.


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