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Elematic is an international company that employs more than 200 people all over the world. We come from different cultural backgrounds and work in several positions. We do everything from manual work to tasks of high expertise. We speak more than 8 different languages and operate in six continents. The whole world is our worksite. See in the following video blogs how a typical day at Elematic may look like. 

Shanghai Zhuzong Engineering Materials: Smooth co-operation is the key to success

Ari Syrjä is Elematic's Project Manager responsible for the delivery of precast plant to Shanghai Zhuzong Engineering Materials in China. In the video he tells about this project and its implementation. 



Bismayah New City - a challenge I couldn't say no to

Janne Elomäki 38, is one of the Elematic’s Finnish engineers who are launching one of the world’s biggest precast projects, Bismayah New City, in Iraq. In this video post Elomäki tells about his normal day in Iraq. On his six-month assignment to Bismayah Elomäki is living outside Baghdad in the camp with other employees from around the world. The days are long but experience is memorable, says Elomäki.

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