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We intend to be available to our customers when they are in need of assistance. Before contacting us, please check the often asked questions below for a possible solution. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for below, please leave us a message.

Precast Building and Design in General
Can precast solutions be used in a seismic area?

Yes you can. Precast requires specific designing skills in seismic areas and connection details are different, but precast has been used successfully in seismic areas too.

Do all precast building look alike?

Building with precast doesn’t limit the architects design work in any way. Precast concrete can be made in various shapes and sizes and even printed on. Check references for different kind of precast buildings.

How much architectural design can be included into a precast building?

Precast can be made into any shape or color and finished with several techniques. This together with longer spans gives architects and other designers more freedom than ever. Check references for different kind of precast buildings.

How far away from the actual building site is it economical to have the factory?

Generally the most economical distance is max. 100-200 kilometers, depending on the delivered precast product and road conditions.

What kind of buildings can be built with precast?

Precast suits well for any type of building: residential, commercial, industrial, public to name a few. There is a suitable solution for both indoor and outdoor production.

What does sandwich-panel mean?

Sandwich panels consist of two concrete leaves with an insulation layer in between.

What are the benefits of precast building?

Compared to cast-in-situ, precast uses less of everything – less cement, less water, less steel, and less labor. It produces less waste on the site and in the factory. This makes CO2 footprint of precast much smaller than in cast-in-situ construction.

Precast offers a safer and healthier working environment. Material handling is easier and less scaffolding is needed. Precast technology works in virtually all environments – cold, hot, moist or dry.

Precast Connections
Where can connection help be acquired?

Because of Elematic’s world wide network of providers, connections and connection expertise can be acquired almost anywhere locally.

Precast Machines and Solutions
What can Elematic do/deliver?

Elematic is a leading one-stop-supplier for precast concrete technology. Our customers are in the precast business of floors, walls, frames and foundations – or even all of them. With us you can choose from the widest portfolio of precast manufacturing solutions worldwide. This guarantees that you always get the smartest match for your need. Sometimes it means renewal of a single machine. Sometimes a complete precast plant.

Where do Elematic have the nearest references to visit?

Check the reference map to find out the reference sites closest to your location.

How do the Elematic technology levels differ?

The technology levels differ in the level of automation, production capacity and required amount of personnel. The more advanced plants also offer a wider range of precast technologies. Check the investing in a new production line -part to find out more.

What should be considered when deciding a technology level?

Required production capacity, level of automation and amount of personnel are the most important topics that need to be considered. More information about Semi, Pro and Edge levels you can find from our Solutions & Machinery section or contact our sales.

Can the machines be bought separately or are they always a part of a line?

You don't always have to buy an entire production line. If your plant already has a line provided by Elematic, you can buy new machines to that line. If your line supplier is someone else than Elematic, consult your closest Elematic salesperson to find out if the line is compatible with Elematic machinery.

I have a precast factory from another supplier, is it possible to purchase an Elematic machine for that plant?

Some machines are compatible with lines provided by other suppliers. Consult your closest Elematic salesperson to find out if the line is compatible with Elematic machinery.

What are the running costs of the factory?

The running costs depend mainly on your product portfolio. Estimation of the required personnel and production capacity you can find under Semi, Pro, Edge technology levels and more detailed information is available when you know your production plans from our sales.

Does Elematic offer profitability calculations?

We can support you in your feasibility studies or even offer you a complete feasibility study as a part of our consultation services.

Is it possible to get turnkey solutions? (= machinery, factory hall, drawings, operation personnel and erection personnel to the construction site?

As a basic rule Elematic does not construct buildings or make installation at site. Detailed scope regarding possible other services like drawings and supervision services  is defined in the contract. 

How much personnel is needed to operate the plant?

Depends on the technology level of the plant. Complete SEMI plant requires 19 personnel, PRO plant 22-27 personnel and EDGE plant 40-45 personnel.

How much land is needed for the factory?

You will find rough estimations of the required size of the land and production area  under Floor and Wall of the different technology levels

How long does it take from the order moment to have the plant up and running?

It is typically estimated that  from 6 – 12 months is required for the start-up of the plant from down payment depending of the size and location of the plant.

What information does Elematic need to give an accurate cost estimate?

What products (in detail)  and how much in given time period are you planning to produce as well as expected technology level. More details available from our sales

What information does Elematic need to kick off the project?

This is typically defined during the contract negotiations and is an essential part of the contract. 

Do all the products shipped from Finland or do Elematic have local production?

We are producing everything in Finland but for example we have spare and wear part stocks in Dubai and WI, USA.

Is Elematic willing to do joint ventures (JV) with the client?

Elematic has a policy not to participate in Joint Ventures.

How can Elematic services help me?

Elematic services can help you renew, maintain and optimize your factory and machinery.

Does Elematic offer precast design/planning services?

Yes, we can support our clients in this field also. We have a very experienced designing team for our customers use. They have also a lot of experience from precast in seismic areas.

Does Elematic offer local services?

We have service engineers located in Finland and in India. 

Which languages do you offer services in?
Elematic customer service offers service in the following languages: English, Finnish, Russian, German, French, Spanish and Swedish.
Who do I contact if I want to expand my factory / buy new machinery?

Please contact your closest Elematic salesperson. You can find the contact information here.

Who do I contact if my issue concerns magnets or/and sideforms?
Contact Tero Mäki (tero.maki@elematic.com).
What do I do if I have a problem with an Elematic machine?

First check the service manual for assistance (part 3: operation, safety and maintenance instructions). If the manual doesn’t help, contact Elematic helpdesk and provide them with the needed information.

What do I do if my extruder screw breaks?

Contact Elematic helpdesk and provide them with the needed information. The ID number can be found on the top collar of the screw.

How can helpdesk help me?
Helpdesk can help you by email (helpdesk@elematic.com) of by phone (+358 400 99 55 11). Some of our newest machines are even equipped with remote access, which allows us to diagnose the problems from our offices.
Does Elematic sell the spare parts from production warehouses?

No, we have our own warehouses for spare parts in Finland, Dubai and Bookfield Wi USA. For example we have 2500 different spare parts in Finland alone.

I have a machine that was made in 1983, do you still have spare parts for it?
During its history, Elematic has produced machines under various names. Spare parts can still be found for most of the machines produced. Some of the spare parts may not be found from the shelves of our warehouses, but we can manufacture them if needed. Often the problems are caused by old electrical components, but we can also renew the electrification of the machine.
What information do I need to provide Elematic helpdesk to get assistance?

When contacting helpdesk, you should always have the following information at hand: Machines: ID number (found on the black plate in the electricity box or in the manual), detailed description of the problem and pictures are always a bonus. Parts: ID number, detailed description of the problem, what machine it belongs to, order number and pictures are always a bonus. Easiest way to contact Helpdesk is to provide the needed information through our online form.

Who do I contact when I’m in need of a service engineer?

Elematic helpdesk (helpdesk@elematic.com) and provide them with the needed information.

Who do I contact if I need spare parts?

Your local sales person. The contact information can be found here.

What do I do if a certain part breaks down?

Contact Elematic customer service (cs@elematic.com) or your local sales person (contact information found here). Provide them with the needed information and do not ship the parts back before asked to.

How quickly can spare parts be acquired?

Elematic has spare and wear part stock with more than 2500 different parts in Finalnd and smaller stocks in Dubai and WI USA for immediate delivery.  

Do I need to provide transportation for the goods?

Elematic can arrange transportation of machines or parts according customer requirements.

What do I do if the machine is broken when I get it or it has been damaged during transportation?

Please contact Elematic Project manager directly. He will arrange the repairing as soon as possible.

Who do I contact if I’m in need of training assistance?

Please contact to Helpdesk. We are able to arrange many kind of training regarding use and maintenance of equipments, designing of precast building, installation of precast elements etc.

I cannot reach the supervisor who was at my factory during start up, what should I do?

Please contact Helpdesk. They will give you all support needed!

I lost/don’t have the manual for my machine, where can I get it?

Please contact Helpdesk. They will give you all support needed!

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