the house of precast: a smart match for any precast need

Elematic is a leading one-stop-supplier for precast concrete technology. Our customers are in the business of manufacturing  precast floors, walls, frames and foundations – or even all of them. With us you can choose from the widest portfolio of precast manufacturing solutions worldwide. This guarantees that you always get the smartest match for your need. Sometimes it means renewal of a single machine. Sometimes a new complete precast plant.

With 60 years’ experience we have learnt that there are varying needs for capacity, automation and flexibility of a precast plant. Based on these insights we offer precast production lines in three different technology levels – SEMI, PRO and EDGE. Our 450 patents have resulted leading precast innovations in e.g. machines and technologies for producing extruded hollow-core slabs, sandwich walls and non-load bearing Acotec walls.

Our 3700 deliveries in over 100 countries across 6 continents have taught us about the challenges of the precast production lifecycle

Nowadays you can benefit from our knowledge network covering all aspects of precast concrete –as a building method, precast design and precast manufacturing. We can assist you in optimizing your precast investments as well as in effective production renewals. Help is easily available through our regional customer service centers, subsidiaries and sales offices around the world, and our 20+ local representatives.

These are the reasons why we are trusted by 40% of the world’s precasters.


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