Successful BC India: Housing boom opens up opportunities for precast - Elematic precast technology
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Successful BC India: Housing boom opens up opportunities for precast

India’s housing shortage is offering huge opportunities for pre-cast technology suppliers as the country sets to modernize its construction sector.

The giant country of 1.2 billion people is currently experiencing a boom in construction and house building but it is struggling to keep up with the speed of its building work, thanks to lack of proper technology and appropriate construction methods.

The country’s government has set ambitious targets – by 2020 it wants to build 50 million affordable new homes for its citizens.

To be able to achieve the targets, the country needs technology as well as pre-cast building construction know-how. Elematic has landed in India at the right time.

”The market is growing fast, our technology is being noticed more and we have the advantage of being early to market to make most of the growth,” said Chander Dutta, the Managing Director of Elematic India.

Dutta was speaking at the sidelines of bC India, the largest construction technology event in India. This year the buzz at the event was focused on innovation and how technology can help companies to achieve their goals.

 ”We’ve had plenty of enquiries, it’s been very busy and we have met lot of potential new customers and existing clients too. The mood is optimistic and outlook for the sector bright,” said Elematic’s senior export manager Tarmo Sahala.

The bC event also saw an unveiling of a co-operation deal between Elematic andAquarius Engineering. The two companies sealed an agreement to develop and supply batching and mixing plants for the precast industry.

“For us it’s important to work with a forward looking company like Elematic. We were impressed not only by their high-level industry know-how but their approach to business too,” said M S Bhadbhade, Managing Director of Aquarius Engineering.

Elematic’s stand attracted plenty of visitors at the bC India, thanks to the company’s well-known brand.

”Our clients have chosen us because we offer the entire life cycle of the product, from planning to service. It’s not just about the product but also about the interaction you have with the client that is crucial,” Sahala says.

India’s construction projects are known to have delays, thanks to out-dated building methods and the use of manual labour in tasks that could be done by machines. Elematic’s technology can help the developers to win time and save money, something the Indian construction industry is waking up to.

“India is undergoing a small revolution in construction because slowly the industry is accepting pre-cast technology and it has already started to standardize it,” Dutta said.

The current pro-business government is also helping a great deal when it comes to modernizing efforts. In addition, the country’s new Prime Minister Nardendra Modi has announced plans to build 100 new smart cities in India in the next 20 years and it wants to employ the latest innovations to do so.

India moves at a breathtaking speed and construction is one sector that is not holding its growth back.

”India is growing to become one of the most significant markets for our technology. The acceptance of pre-cast housing is already there, and our customers are realizing the benefits of the technology,” Dutta said.