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Elematic supplies Acotec panel production technology to RAK Precast

Acotec production line

Elematic Oyj, a world-leading manufacturer of precast concrete plants and production lines for walls, floors, frames and foundations, is supplying an Acotec PRO line for the production of non-load bearing interior precast wall panels to RAK Precast, a company based in United Arab Emirates (UAE) under an overarching group of companies with core interest in off-site and on-site constructions. By adapting this new technology, RAK Precast not only expands their product range but also promotes themselves as the first Acotec wall panel producer in the UAE. Furthermore, the company invests in the newly introduced ELiSLAB, the world’s most efficient tool for structural calculations of hollow core slabs.

The deal, inked in November 2016, includes the delivery of Elematic Acotec PRO production line for the production of light, non-load bearing, room-high precast partition wall panels. The capacity of this plant is 100 m2 per hour whilst the production line covers the entire process from concrete batching all the way to storage yard management and beyond. The line will be installed in RAK Precast Dubai factory located in Dubai Industrial City, DIC.

Acotec wall panels are proven and well-known for their many excellent qualities, such as moisture resistance, fire resistance and excellent sound insulation. In particular, apartment buildings, schools and hotels benefit from this type of partition walls and they are also well-suited for use in bath rooms, kitchens and shower rooms.

As a part of deal, Elematic also supplies their ELiSLAB 2.0 structural analysis software tool for hollow-core slabs. With its unique features, this new tool represents the latest and greatest technology in its field.  It embraces all relevant hollow-core slab calculation points as well as offers an array of smart and practical features to make the calculation work faster and easier, such as including openings and topping to the calculation, factory-based profiles and strand patterns and national annexes to Eurocodes.

According to RAK Precast, they always encourage innovations and adaptation of new technologies in their businesses, and offer their clients and, in broader sense, to the market as a whole, prudent and supple solutions. The inclusion of Acotec panels in the company’s product range and use of ELiSLAB 2.0 software tool in structural analysis will certainly give a clear competitive advantage to RAK Precast over other precast producers in UAE and the region. Due to their forward thinking approach, RAK Precast easily foresees in the market a paradigm shift which replaces precast solid panels as partition walls with Acotec panels. Thus, the panel demand shall surge further not only in the UAE but also in the neighbouring countries.

With their two (2) existing factories and a comprehensive production capacity of up to 1,200 m3 per day, RAK Precast is currently one of the biggest producers of concrete precast products in UAE. Established in 2006, their first factory is located in Ras Al Khaimah with an area of 1.5 million square feet. The company has a proven track record for engineered precast buildings and associated civil engineering works that have significantly reduced construction cost and time for many of the projects in the area.

“We are delighted to have this possibility to continue our long-term relationship with RAK Precast with the delivery of this new Acotec PRO line and the ELiSLAB 2.0 structural analysis tool for their hollow-core slab production. Prior to this deal, we have successfully supplied them a concrete transportation system and machinery for their wall production factory in DIC, Dubai, says Curt Lindroth, Areas Sales Director at Elematic.”

In addition to the Acotec Pro production line and the ELiSLAB structural analysis tool, RAK Precast also recently invested in a new Elematic multi-angle saw for their hollow-core slab production.


For more information, please contact:

Nina Lehtonen
Marketing Manager, Elematic Oyj