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Elematic Plant Control: WallMES optimizes precast wall production

Elematic Plant Control: WallMES

Elematic, a global leader in precast concrete production technologies, launches, as part of their digital Plant Control solution for precast plants, a manufacturing execution system WallMES for the optimization of precast wall panel production. The WallMES system covers automatic production planning, work follow-up and quality control operations. Furthermore, WallMES can take in panel design information directly from BIM systems.

Today, precast plants often lack real time connections between the different work processes. Thus, major improvements in production efficiency and profitability can be achieved by process digitization. The advanced Elematic Plant Control solution is designed for precast production’s specific needs: The plant can manage, control and optimize the whole production process as well as individual automatic machines with the system. Plant Control can also discuss with BIM systems such as Tekla Structures.

Optimized wall panel production

Elematic WallMES, a part of Plant Control, optimizes precast wall panel production. It offers automatic planning, work follow-up and quality control functions for precast wall production plants.

The WallMES provides the factory with table-specific real-time production progress data with comparison to actual work times versus estimates and waiting times, production efficiency figures and work hour estimates, advanced quality control, easy KPI follow-up with automatic dashboard and customizable reports. The system stores all production history data automatically. The WallMES planning helps factory to balance work plans and available resources per work phase to get smooth and continuous daily work flow.  It is also easy to take focused quality improvement actions by combining quality issues, hours required for corrections and work processes where issues have occurred.

Freedom with individual modules

The design philosophy of Plant Control – including WallMES – both functionally and visually focuses on delivering a great user experience. The system gives the precast plants freedom to choose a path and pace of digitizing their operations – it consists of independent modules that make it easy to proceed step by step, module by module, without any big initial investment.

Furthermore, WallMES – and the whole Plant Control system – features an easy-to-use visual user interface with a drag and drop function and clear icons and buttons that guide the user through different operations. The system is both easy to learn and simple to use.


Contact for the press:

Nina Lehtonen
Marketing Manager, Elematic Oyj